Plasmolen | Roman Villa ‘Sint Jansberg’


At the Sint Jansberg in Mook and Middelaar (Province of Limburg) are the archaeological remains of the main building of a Roman villa or farmhouse, dating back to the second century AD. Since 1978, the villa grounds have the status of a state protected archaeological monument. Erosion and tree growth have taken their toll and affected the remains in the soil. In addition, the site was frequently visited by treasure hunters.


After consultation with the State Service ROB (now  Cultural Heritage Agency) a broad working group was formed with the owner of the premises, the Vereniging Natuurmonumenten, the local government, civil society and tourism organizations.  Marc Kocken was project leader with the ROB and served as heritage advisor to visualize and protect the site. In 2000 the project was awarded the  Ym van der Werf Prize for responsible archaeological conservation.



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