Oss | the ‘Vorstengraf’ (King’s grave)


An unprecedented archaeological discovery was made in 1932 during equalization work on the heath at Oss. The discovery included a bronze bucket (situla), part of a burial gift beneath a turf mound. In 1997 the King’s grave was discovered. The discovered bronze bucket was buried in an older mound (52 meter in diameter) dating from the Middle Bronze Age. Even more grave structures and additional gifts were found  around the mound. A private initiative, united in the Foundation ‘Vorstengraf Oss’, campaigned for the visualization of this unique piece of history. In collaboration with the former Rijksdienst voor Oudheidkundig Bodemarchief (now Cultural Heritage Agency) and the municipality of Oss, DLA + landscape architects was commissioned to develop a proposal for visualization. The aim was to give visitors a glimpse into the inner sanctum of the grave, the interment. This was achieved by cutting a narrow corridor out of the reconstructed mound.  Marc Kocken was involved in the project as a heritage advisor for ROB. Since 2003, the site is marked by the ‘Vorstengraf’ monument.