Master plan Dikes and Ponds


Rivers have had a tremendous impact on the history of the Arnhem Nijmegen region. Through the centuries, wars, battles and disputes raged around these rivers. Also the fight against and with the water in this region left its mark  resulting in dike breaks, drowned villages, nature and industry.


The master plan Dikes and Ponds describes a series of cultural and historical sites and relics that testify to the rich historical past of the cities region. The purpose of the master plan is to motivate, inspire and stimulate implementation of new initiatives that can handle large-scale developments and infrastructure. Therefore most of the plan is focused on twenty concrete project proposals, which serve as an example and inspiration.

The master plan was commissioned by the City Region Arnhem Nijmegen and prepared by

DLA + landscape architects in collaboration with Historically Bureau van Hemmen and

M A R C.


Download Masterplan Dijk & Kolk