Download visiedocument ' Via Belgica, verleden op weg naar de toekomst'

Via Belgica Limburg


“To make the Via Belgica come alive and visible again.” This is the ambitious plan that the province of Limburg and the six municipalities that lie along the stretch of road have initiated. With this important Roman past as a starting point, the province of Limburg in 2005, developed the vision document  “Via Belgica. Past on the way to the future”. This vision illustrated how the Via Belgica and Roman cultural heritage of South Limburg can be used for future developments, for example in the field of heritage, tourism, urban planning and landscape. Via Belgica is the  name of the Roman road from Cologne in the Rhineland to Boulogne-sur-Mer on the French atlantic coast.


In this project DLA + landscape architects worked closely together with Marc Kocken (from ADC Heritage), Route IV and Einder communication.