Venlo | Image Quality Plan cultural heritage Maasboulevard


The municipality of Venlo has the ambition to give  the cultural and historical values more guidance in the planning processes for the coming years. These values constitute a determining factor for the quality of the environment. During archaeological research from 2002-2005 on the Maasboulevard a settlement from the Roman period and a medieval city wall was  discovered. The municipality of Venlo wanted these heritage values and the collective memory of the city to be more widely known.


Commissioned by the municipality Marc Kocken (with ADC Heritage), in cooperation with DLA+ and BBA, created an image quality plan as a starting point for the developers involved in the Maasboulevard Venlo project. The document also served as a reference for municipal developments. The recreational and educational value of the project area wil increase by integrating the archaeological remains in the Maasboulevard.