Download 'Werkboek Cultuurhistorie Meinerswijk'

Workbook cultural history Meinerswijk - design with 2000 years of history


“Stadsblokken-Meinerswijk” is a floodplain area  opposite the center of Arnhem, on the southern shore of the Lower Rhine. It measures about 300 hectares. It is a diverse area with special natural, visible and invisible remnants of the past. It includes various residential areas. At high tide, approximately two-thirds of the total area is flooded.


To give the cultural history a prominent place in the redevelopment of the area, the municipality of Arnhem has commissioned the development of an inspiring workbook with useful future images and scenarios that have been included in the Area vision of the municipality. The workbook was drafted by

M A R C in collaboration with DaF-architects, Landlab and Ulpia Tekstproducties.