Eindhoven | cultural historical research innercity


SteenhuisMeurs was commissioned by the Eindhoven municipality to deliver cultural historical input for the new zoning plan of the innercity . Objective of the study was to connect the cultural and historical value of the city with the various ways of securing cultural history in the zoning plan. During the valuation, attention is given to buildings, public spaces, urban structures and archeology. It also designated postwar 'icons' so that the stratification of the city comes into its own in the heritage policy. Through the establishment of analysis and valuation maps (imaging) and spatial recommendations for housing the main structures cancontribute to the vitality of the innercity. Going forward, the challenge is to keep recognizable historical development, without jeopardizing the development issues locked. M A R C provided input for the assurance and utilization of archeology in zoning and development plans.