Ewijk Park Grote Aalst| policy advice


Since 2000 the municipality of Beuningen has been working on plans for the expansion of Ewijk, originally a historic and green village west of Beuningen. The area has a long history of occupation from the Stone Ages to the present.


In support of the planning process, over the years various studies have been completed, including  archaeological studies. M A R C spent a number of years supporting the municipality of Beuningen by providing  policy advice on archaeology and supervised and assessed various archaeological surveys. In addition, a working paper was provided by MARC for the establishment of the central park that lies on the archaeological monument "The Grote Aalst.”


The design of the park Grote Aalst was inspired by the Roman villa that was located there in the second century AD. An archaeological information center, designed by DLA +, allows the visitor to gain information based on the results of the archaeological research. The unique park is an attractive public space with a lot of green space and recreational opportunities for all ages.