Westervoort | cultural-historical advice De Schans


De Schans is situated in the the municipality of Westervoort. The planning area is divided into two parts: the northern part where some old farmhouses and barns were located and the southern part where the invisible remains of the monument Fort Geldersoord was located. The fort dates back to the 18th century and was then situated on the former border between Prussia and the Republic of the United Netherlands. It was built to defend an inundation (or flooding) construction. The aim of the municipality was to re-create, protect and combine the cultural-historical, archaeological and ecological values when developing a park and housing plan.


M A R C was asked from the initiation of the project to assist and provide input into the various phases of the project. In addition, on behalf of the municipality, he guided and assessed  archaeological investigations. In the landscaped park, completed in September 2014, the earthen ramparts of the fort were partially re-created to restore the image of the fort. Through an informative walking tour, designed by Buro Kloeg and equipped with information panels and an app, the visitor is taken on a journey back in time.