Venlo barracks quarter | cultural framework


In striving to 'connect place and context', four historical time layers are distinguished in the Kazernekwartier. Under ground lie the remains of Roman routes and the 17th century fort of St. Michael. Above ground, we mainly see the hundred year old Frederik Hendrik barracks and on its edges the infrastructure of the postwar bridge plan.

In the redevelopment of the Kazernekwartier, the time layering is respected. The particular DNA of this place must be made more recognizable and contribute positively to the spatial quality. To make the connection between cultural and design issues, one should not only know the history and value of heritage, but also be able to  interpret that information and prioritize. Only then can one carefully weigh interventions and changes and motivate them. A framework is needed, which summarizes the available research stack. Van Meijel advisers in cultural history was commissioned by the municipality of Venlo to establish this cultural framework in collaboration with Els Bet and Marc Kocken.

M A R C yielded inspiration, knowledge and information about the archaeological time layers and co-wrote the framework.