Most projects ask for a multidisciplinary approach. M A R C heritage consultants offers a business network of specialists that have been gathered over the years. The network provides a safety net, knowledge center and marketing tool.



The network consists of the following individuals:

Mr. Noud Klaassen, JBA Klaassen, lawyer and expert in the field of spatial planning, building regulations and administrative law. He is author of a recently published manual Spatial Planning & Building. Paul Meurs, architect and part-time Professor restoration/transformation at the Delft  University of Technology, Heritage & Architecture section;  managing partner at SteenhuisMeurs BV, a research firm in Schiedam, which focuses on the transformation of the existing city.



Frans Schouten, independent consultant, former managing director Reinwardt Academy with a  readership in visitor management NHTV, expert in heritage management and museological presentations.



Kelvin Wilson, archaeological illustrator MAIIS, expert in conceptual development and archaeological reconstruction on paper.



Fokko Kortlang MA, ArchAeO; archaeologist and independent advisor. Specialization: Process and Project Management services, tender process (including European).



Paul van der Heijden MA, Ulpia Tekstproductions, geographer, historical publicist and expert in course development.

Ir. Catherine Visser, Daf architecten, architect  specialized in design, planning and research in spatial development, archeology and landscape.



Dion Steenbergen, Impuls/partners in spatial development, project and process management, negotiation and facilitation expert.


Ing. Harry Derks BNT, DLA+ landscape architects, landscape architecture, expert in the field of landscaping and town planning in relationship to cultural heritage.



Ing. Ed Joosting Bunk, Landlab, spatial designer and sculptor and expert in imaging and cartography.




Michiel Huisman MA, Centernet Archeologie; archaeologist and independent advisor. Specialization: requirements gathering and environmental impact assessment studies.


Paulien Varkevisser, Paulien Varkevisser | photography & design, photographer and graphic designer.