Marc Kocken is the founder of M A R C heritage consultants. Since 2017 he is also Head of Sector Heritage and Public Engagement at Zeeland Heritage.


Marc holds a Masters degree in art history and archaeology  from the Catholic University Nijmegen (currently Radboud University), and since has held a number of positions in the field of cultural history. In 1994, Marc completed a Master’s course in Tourist Management at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences School in Breda. Following this course he worked for several years as Tourism and Recreation consultant in Apeldoorn and Breda. During this time, he mostly worked on development and implementation of municipal tourist-recreational policy and action plans and energizing projects focused on cultural tourism.


In 1997 Marc was employed by the National Service for Archaeological Heritage (ROB) now National Service for Archeology, Cultural Landscape and Built Heritage (RCE) as national archaeologist for the province Zeeland and policy advisor Design & Conservation for the southern region.

He advised governments, organizations and private entities on maintenance, management and opening up to the public of locations with archaeological and historical significance.

 One of the projects he initiated and assisted was the “Maintenance and visualization of the Roman Villa Plasmolen” for the Association for Nature Conservancy.


In October 2003 he began working for ADC Heritage as its managing director. Among his responsibilities was working as a senior advisor for a large range of projects and products addressing archaeological conservation, tourism, spatial planning and design.


Since August 2007 until May 2016, Marc was the regional archeologist for local government in the Achterhoek region.


From May 2016 until September 2017, Marc worked as project manager for heritage marketing at the provincial government of Drenthe.


Marc Kocken is an Expert Member with the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), ISC on Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (ICIP) and ISC on Cultural Tourism (ICTC).

Marc is also a member of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), Interpret Europe and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). He adheres to the principles as set and approved by their membership.