Our living space constantly changes. Large scale urban and infrastructural projects change not just the view of our land, but also jeopardize  less visible archaeological sites, monuments and cultural landscape. Many of these sites have been lost during the last decades. Fortunately, we see a shift due to a resurgence of interest in local and regional history. More and more people want to know about, learn from or just experience the past. Cultural tourism is booming. Even  government is taking responsibility by integrating cultural history into urban planning. As a result there is an increase in demand for expertise in culturally-conscious spatial planning.

M A R C heritage consultants supports the conservation, management and reuse of valuable archaeological pieces and monuments in their spatial and/or urban environment.


M A R C stands for Monuments, Archaeology, Regional planning and Cultural landscape. Cultural history forms the inspiration, and add significance to the way these locations and their surroundings are developed. A new future awaits these locations. Several studies show that locations with culturally historic attributes have great societal and economic importance.